New Haven, Connecticut is home to two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Alexion and Pfizer. These bio-tech businesses change lives with groundbreaking research and development, and provide life-changing medical products. Both companies are vital to the city of New Haven and are constantly pulling talented pharmaceutical professionals from all over the nation. Pfizer and Alexion employees, even if only temporarily, need luxury apartments in downtown New Haven.

Relocating to New Haven is Seamless

Here at Metro Star, it’s our priority to get you acclimated to your new modern apartment, the city of New Haven, and your overall lifestyle as quickly as possible. Through our Preferred Employer Program, we offer benefits and assistance to those employed by chosen bio-tech businesses as a way to positively impact the companies in our city as well as the growing population. The quicker and more seamless your transition into New Haven, the faster you can adjust and become a productive member at work as well.

Downtown New Haven Rentals

Metro Star’s luxury apartments in New Haven, Connecticut are the ideal apartments for employees in pharmaceutical companies considering their close proximity to the businesses, but also to downtown. The apartments themselves are modern, chic, and luxurious. The boutique-style apartments in downtown New Haven are a refined space, so you can truly make it your home.

Pfizer & Alexion Apartments

Two major pharmaceutical companies that we have carefully selected for our program are Alexion and Pfizer. Alexion is a world-leading company focused on rare diseases, and creating therapies and medicines for those effected. Pfizer’s Clinical Research Unit is located in New Haven, Connecticut as well, and it’s constantly making strides in developing new medicines and using technology in order to advance medical knowledge.

The following benefits are currently being offered to employees of Recognized Preferred Employers:

  • Application Fee applied to your first payment
  • 50% reduction of the Security Deposit for Qualified Applicants
  • Waived Lease Termination Processing Fee if relocated by Employer to an area 60 miles from your Metro Star Residence
  • Waived Lease Transfer Fee if moving to another Metro Star Community
  • 50% Reduction of the Pet Fee
  • Apartment packages for both short-term and long-term housing needs

Fixed priced packages are available to meet your long and short term housing needs.

Our Leasing Consultants provide custom-tailored assistance in finding you the right high-end apartment in New Haven. You can be certain that you’ll have personal attention and we’ll make you our priority. Contact us today to speak about our bio-tech Preferred Employer Program and whether or not it’s right for you by calling 203-878-2193. We look forward to your call!