We understand that community sensitivities sometimes collide with the development process. To be successful, we believe a developer must have a sincere interest in preserving the character of urban buildings while enhancing the vitality of the local community. Metro Star is committed to operating its business with the following values in mind:

  • Preservation of valuable historic architecture in combination with the redevelopment of underperforming properties.
  • The adaptive re-use of transit oriented properties procreating the new urbanism vision.
  • Exceptional construction standards that will requiring little maintenance to preserve the buildings’ architectural impact.
  • Management standards that provide a high quality experience for our tenants and our Neighbors.
  • Financial agreements that will always be honored.
  • Ethical and transparent business practices.
  • A long term development vision of 10 to 20 years reinforcing our commitment to making a positive, lasting impact on the future of all stakeholders.